mardi 20 février 2018

Millefeuille à la framboise

Voici enfin le dernier de la série: un millefeuille à la framboise.
Il ne reste plus qu'à faire le montage dans les compartiments du cadre et à lui trouver place sur une petit morceau de mur encore libre.

Here is the lest element of the cakes series: a raspberry cream slice.
Now it is time to set each cake in one of the compartments of the shelf and find the place where I will hang the whole.

Pudding aura-t-elle les mêmes yeux amoureux devant des gâteaux qui ne se mangent pas?

Will Pudding show such loving eyes for fake cakes?


6 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful embroidery!I think Pudding knows they are fake!Hugs!

  2. Oh yes she knows what is good or not, she never mistakes about food :))

  3. Cake is very appetizing, you want to eat! What a wonderful dog you have! Why does the dog feel sad? she does not like sandwiches?

  4. Thanks a lot. True, Pudding is a lovely dog and she is so fond of good food!. On the picture she was sad because she could not take all the biscuits at once and had to wait before being given one! Have a nice day!

  5. j'adore la broderie
    ainsi que le toutou biensûr bizou

  6. Un toutou trop gourmand, comme sa maîtresse il faut l'avouer!